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Kommunist was the journal of the "proletarian communists" or left communist faction of the Bolshevik Party in the Spring of 1918. It went through 11 editions in Petrograd and a further 4 in Moscow before ceasing to publish in June 1918. The contributors to Kommunist came together largely over two issues. They viewed the signing of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk in March 1918 as an error which would set back the world revolution, and they feared that Russia was heading towards a new form of capitalism, state capitalism. (See more in Glossary of Periodicals).

Kommunist. Weekly Magazine for Economics, Politics and Social Questions.
Organ of the Moscow District Office of the RCP(B)

No. 1, April 20, 1918

Karl Radek Five Months On
Theses on the Current Situation
Karl Radek The International Situation
Nikolai Osinsky On the Construction of Socialism (I)
Nikolai Bukharin Political Review: The Heroes of Social Treason
Georgy Oppokov Economic Notes
Nikolai Bukharin Review: Lenin, The State and Revolution
Nikolai Bukharin Review: Trutovsky, The Transitional Period

No. 2, April 1918

The First of May
Karl Radek The Foreign Policy of the Soviet Republic
Nikolai Osinsky On the Construction of Socialism (II)
Nikolai Bukharin Anarchy and Scientific Communism
Karl Radek The Red Army
Nikolai Osinsky Clear Answers
Bela Kun Abroad: Inside the Dual Monarchy
Georgy Oppokov The Financial Reform Programme of People's Commissar Gukovsky
Innokenti Stukov What I Saw
Nikolai Osinsky Review: N Bukharin, The World Economy and Capitalism, an Economic Essay

No. 3, May 16, 1918

On The Eve
Nikolai Bukharin Some Fundamental Concepts of Modern Economics
Lev Kritsman On the Path of Organisation Towards the Socialist Construction of Economic Life
Georgy Oppokov The Russian Counter-Revolution in Ukrainian Guise
Georgy Oppokov The Next Famine

No. 4, June 1918

Innokenti Stukov The Struggle against the Counter-Revolution
Vladimir Smirnov The Financial Programme and State Capitalism
Vladimir Sorin On the Question of Soviet Power


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