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Sally Mju

Name: Sally Mju[Sally Mju]
Real name: Ly Hoang Minh Uyen (Uyen Ly)
D.O.B : 11th May
Email: See Steering Committee page
Joined MIA: 2018
Born: Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Political View: Communist - Marxist Luxemburgist
Major: Political Economy, Sociology, Worker's strike, Marxism.
Other MIA Responsibilities: Translator, Writer
Academic: My first Article, http://luxemburgism.org/node/55

Hello, I'm the founder of Vietnam Marxist Group and also a co-leader. I'm working on MIA as a translator and uploader Marxist's works in Vietnamese. I'm translating Rosa Luxemburg into Vietnamese. Please contact me if you need to upload any Marxist documents in Vietnamese! Here are Vietnam Marxist social media pages - running by me and most are by H?ng ??ng , with some other comrade's support.
1. Vietnam Luxemburgist - Supporting and translating Rosa Luxemburg into Vietnamese, talking about Strike. Link : https://www.facebook.com/Vietnam.Luxemburgist
Reading the translation here: http://www.iprohyip.com/vietnamese/luxemburg/index.htm
My biography: http://www.iprohyip.com/.../volunteers/biographies/smju.htm
2. Vietnam Young Marxists - News about what is going on around the world, posting about Marx and other Marxists, the purpose is to educate the workers and young people - to let them know about theory. Link : https://www.facebook.com/Vietnamyoungmarxists
3. Vietnam Marxists Study Group - to study Marxism in Vietnam. Link : https://www.facebook.com/groups/347957905776254
4. Website Vietnam Marxist - run by my comrade H?ng ??ng
Link: https://vnmarxist.com/