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26 August 2021: Added to the M.I.A. Glossary:

Entries from the Short Philosophical Dictionary, 1954
German Philosophy
A Short History of Chinese Philosophy
Twelve great Russian scientists
Mikhail Lomonosov, father of Russian science
Alexander Radishchev, the first Russian revolutionary
[Thanks to Anton P.]


August 25, 2021: Completed the Sebastien Faure Archive. Thanks to!

1891: The Anarchist Defense of Louis Léveillé : in “L’Anarchie en cour d’assises” by Sébastien Faure, 1891

1903: Libertarian Communism

1908: Does God Exist?: Twelve Proofs of the Inexistence of God

1921: Revolutionary Forces

1927: The Anarchist Synthesis

1934: Reformism

1934: Anarchist Encyclopedia Excerpts

Unknown: Violence

Unknown: Anarchy : From the Anarchist Encyclopedia, Vol. I.

Unknown: Deify

Unknown: Heresy

Unknown: Iconoclast

Unknown: Libertarian Education

[Thanks to Andy Carloff.]


25 August 2021: Added to the new Vladimir Fritsche Archive:

French, German and English Romanticism, Vladimir Fritsche, 1908
Voltaire, 1929
[Thanks to Anton P.]


23 August, 2021: Completed the Voltairine de Cleyre Archive. Thanks to!


1887: The Dawn-Light of Anarchy
1890: The Economic Tendency of Freethought
1891: The Economic Relations of Sex
1893: Economics of Dyer D. Lum
1893: A Glance at Communism
1893: In Defense of Emma Goldman
1893: Some Nihilists I Have Met
1897: The Gods and the People
1897: Why I Am An Anarchist
1901: Anarchism
1901: The Eleventh of November, 1887
1903: The Making of an Anarchist
1907: A Correction on Anarchism
1907: Events Are the True Schoolmasters
1907: McKinley's Assassination from the Anarchist Standpoint
1907: They Who Marry Do Ill
1910: The Dominant Idea
1911: Tour Impressions
1912: The Commune is Risen
1932: Anarchism and American Traditions
unknown: Anarchism in Literature
unknown: At the End of the Alley
unknown: The Chain Gang
unknown: Crime and Punishment
unknown: Direct Action
unknown: The Drama of the Nineteenth Century
unknown: Dyer D. Lum
unknown: Francisco Ferrer
unknown: The Heart of Angiolillo
unknown: The Individualist and the Communist : A Dialogue
unknown: Literature the Mirror of Man
unknown: The Mexican Revolution
unknown: Modern Educational Reform
unknown: The Old Shoemaker
unknown: The Paris Commune
unknown: The Reward of an Apostate
unknown: A Rocket of Iron
unknown: Sex Slavery
unknown: The Sorrows of the Body
unknown: Thomas Paine
unknown: To Strive and Fail
unknown: The Triumph of Youth
unknown: Where the White Rose Died


1897: The Worm Turns
1891: Bastard Born
1893: The New Hope
unknown: Collected Poems (from Selected Works)
unknown: Collected Poems (from Collected Works)

[Thanks to Andy Carloff.]


23 August 2021: Added to the Literary Criticism Archive:

German Romanticism, Franz Mehring, 1911
[Thanks to Anton P.]


23 August 2021: Added to the Literary Criticism Archive:

German Romanticism, V. Geiman, 1939
[Thanks to Anton P.]


23 August 2021: Added to the Literary Criticism Archive:

The Romantic Period of German Literature, A. Lavretsky, 1934
Romanticism, D. S. Mirsky 1937
Romanticism, A. Vishnevsky 1941
[Thanks to Anton P.]


22 August 2021: Addeded to the Asamiya (Assamese) archive:

V. I. Lenin, Proletariya Antarjatikatabadar Sandarbhat
[Thanks to Sudarshan Borborah]


22 August 2021: Added to the Zinovy Beletsky Archive:

The struggle for a dialectical-materialist direction in biology, 1948
[Thanks to Anton P.]


21 August 2021: Added to the Spanish-language Archivo Karl Kautsky:

El obrero norteamericano
[Thanks to Daniel Gaido]


21 August 2021: Added to the Pavel Yudin Archive:

Struggle on Two Fronts in Philosophy: Against Mechanism and Menshevik Idealism, with Marx Mitin, 1932
[Thanks to Anton P.]


21 August 2021: Added to the new Abram Deborin Archive:

Hegel, 1929
[Thanks to Anton P.]


20 August 2021: Added to the Pavel Yudin Archive:

The Essence of German Fascism, 1941
Hitler’s Plans are Crumbling, 1943
[Thanks to Anton P.]


20 August 2021: Added to the new Zinovy Beletsky Archive:

Kant, Hegel and Prussianism, 1947
[Thanks to Anton P.]


16 August 2021: Added to the Portuguese Gramsci Archive:

O problema do poder, 1919
[Thanks to Elita de Medeiros and Fernando Araujo]


12 August, 2021: Completed the Leo Tolstoy Archive. This archive contains 2,065 files, and currently, it is probably the largest collection of works by and about Tolstoy on the Internet, digging in and doing some of the OCR transcriptions myself. Thanks to!

Non-Fiction Books

1862: Yasnaya Polyana School
1882: A Confession
1884: My Religion
1887: What to Do? Thoughts Evoked by the Census of Moscow
1887: On the Significance of Science and Art
1887: The Gospel in Brief
1890: Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves? (Translated by the Maudes)
1890: Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves? (Translated by N. H. Dole)
1894: The Kingdom of God is Within You
1895: The Christian Teaching
1897: What is Art?
1900: Some Social Remedies
1904: What Shall We Do?
1906: Tolstoy on Shakespeare
1908: The Law of Violence and the Law of Love
1908: The Teaching of Christ Narrated for Children


1855: The Cutting of the Forest : The Story of a Yunker
1856: Two Hussars
1859: Family Happiness
1863: The Cossacks : A Tale of 1852
1868: The Decemberists
1869: War and Peace
1877: Anna Karenina
1885: What Men Live By
1886: The Death of Ivan Ilyich
1888: Stories of My Dogs
1888: Scenes from Common Life
1889: The Devil
1891: The Kreutzer Sonata
1895: Master and Man
1898: Father Sergius
1899: The Awakening
1899: The Resurrection
1904: Hadji Murad

Autobiographical Work

1852-1857: Early Age

1852: Childhood
1854: Boyhood
1857: Youth

1888: Sevastopol
1917: The Journal of Leo Tolstoi, Volume 1


1851: A History of Yesterday
1862: Who Should Learn Writing of Whom; Peasant Children of Us, or We of Peasant Children?
1878: First Recollections
1880: Astonishing Creatures
1887: An Old Acquaintance
1889: The Feast of Enlightenment of January Twenty-Four
1891: The First Step
1891: Church and State
1892: In the Midst of the Starving
1893: Non-Activity
1894: Patriotism and Christianity
1894: The Works of Guy de Maupassant
1895: Shame!
1895: Last Will and Testament
1895: Persecution of Christians in Russia
1896: How to Read the Gospels
1896: To God or Mammon
1896: The Beginning of the End
1896: A Terrible Question
1896: Means of Helping the Population Suffering from Bad Harvests
1896: Help!
1898: Famine or Not Famine
1898: Two Wars
1898: The Emigration of the Doukhobors
1898: Right and Wrong
1899: Too Expensive!
1900: On Anarchy
1900: Patriotism and Government
1900: The Slavery Of Our Times
1900: Religion and Morality
1900: Thou Shalt Not Kill
1900: Thoughts on God
1902: To The Working People
1904: Bethink Yourselves!
1905: The State
1905: A Great Iniquity
1906: An Appeal to Russians: To the Government, the Revolutionists and the People
1906: The Meaning of the Russian Revolution
1906: Tolstoy On Pascal
1906: The End of the Age: An Essay on the Approaching Revolution
1907: Why the Christians are in such distress now
1907: Love One Another
1908: I Cannot be Silent!
1908: Diary of a Lunatic
1908: For a Single Word
1909: The Inevitable Revolution
1909: Three Days in the Village
1909: Singing in the Village
1909: Last Message to Mankind
1909: A Comparison of America and Europe
1909: Tolstoy on Lincoln
1911: Must It Be So?
~~: Appeal to Social Reformers
~~: Trust Yourself
~~: Nikolai Palkin
~~: Early Days

Collections and Collected Works

1887: A Russian Proprietor, and Other Stories
1887: The Invaders, and Other Stories
1889: The Kreutzer Sonata, And Other Stories
1898: Tales from Zoology
1902: Stories from the New Speller
1904: Fables for Children, Stories for Children, Natural Science Stories, Popular Education, Decembrists
1906: Twenty Three Tales
1912: The Forged Coupon, And Other Stories
1916: Tolstoy For the Young


1858: Albert
1886: The Power of Darkness
1886: The First Distiller
1889: Fruits of Culture: Maudes Translation
1890: The Light Shines in Darkness
1891: Fruits of Culture: Victor Yarros Translation
1900: Redemption
1910: The Cause of It All

Short Stories

1852: A Morning of a Landed Proprietor
1855: Recollections of a Billiard-marker
1856: Meeting a Moscow Acquaintance in the Detachment
1857: Lucerne: From The Recollections Of Prince Nekhliudof
1862: Polikushka
1863: Kholstomer: The Story of a Horse
1872: The Bear Hunt
1872: The Captive in the Caucasus
1885: The Two Brothers and the Gold: R. N. Bain Translation
1885: The Two Brothers and the Gold: L. Wiener Translation
1885: Evil Allures, But Good Endures: Maudes Translation
1885: Evil Allures, But Good Endures: R. N. Bain Translation
1885: Elias: R. N. Bain Translation
1885: Elias: Maudes Translation
1885: Little Girls Wiser Than Men
1885: A Spark Neglected Burns the House
1885: Two Old Men
1885: The Candle
1885: Where Love is, God is: Translated by the Maudes
1886: How Much Land Does a Man Need?
1886: The Godson
1886: Flow of Water
1886: The Godson (published as "The God Father"): Unknown Translator
1886: The Imp and the Crust
1886: How the Little Devil Earned the Crust of Bread (AKA: The Imp and the Crust, with a different translator)
1886: The Story of Ivan the Fool (A. Norraikow Translation)
1886: The Story of Ivan the Fool (Maudes Translation)
1886: The Three Hermits
1886: The Repentant Sinner
1886: A Grain as Big as a Hen's Egg
1887: Exiled to Siberia
1887: Where Love is There God is Also: Translated by N. H. Dole
1891: The Empty Drum
1891: Fran?oise
1892: A Dialogue Among Clever People
1893: The Coffee-House of Surat
1893: Walk in the Light While There is Light
1894: The Young Tsar
1895: Three Parables
1899: Fables Paraphrased from the Indian and Imitations
1899: Yermak, the Conqueror of Siberia
1899: Carthago Delenda Est
1902: The Overthrow of Hell and Its Restoration
1903: Three Questions
1903: After the Dance
1903: Esarhaddon, King of Assyria
1903: Work, Death and Sickness : A Legend
1904: What the Orthodox Religion Really Is
1904: Forward to article On Revolution
1905: Posthumous notes of the hermit Fedor Kuzmích
1905: Alyosha the Pot
1908: The Blessing of Love
1908: The Poor People
1909: There Are No Guilty People
1909: A Talk With a Wayfarer
1909: Traveler and Peasant
1910: Superstition of the State
1910: Khodynka
1910: Croesus and Solon (AKA: Croesus and Fate)
1916: The Great Bear
~~: A Just Judge


1863: The Porcelain Doll
1872: Letter to Great-Aunt Alexandra on Tolstoy's Children
1880: Letters to His Son
1883: Letter to N. N.
1889: Manual Labour and Intellectual Activity
1894: Reason and Religion
1895: A Reply to Critics and Criticisms
1896: Patriotism, or Peace?
1896: Letter to Ernest Crosby on Non-Resistance
1896: Letter to Russian Liberals
1897: Letter requesting a Nobel Prize for the Doukhobors
1898: Tolstoy Letter on Suicide
1898: Letter to A Non-Comissioned Officer
1899: Letter to a Chinese Gentleman
1900: Letters to Friends on the Personal Christian Life
1900: Causes of the Transvaal War
1901: To the Tsar and His Assistants
1908: Letter to a Hindu
1910: Gandhi Letters
1924: Letter on the Question of William Lloyd Garrison
~~: Letter to Dr. Eugen Heinrich Schmitt: On Serving Governments
~~: Letters on Henry George: Tolstoy on Georgism
~~: Letter to the Peace Conference

Biographies, Evaluations, Criticisms

1887: Count Tolstoi and the Public Censor — Isabel Hapgood
1889: Great Vegetarian Men — London's Vegetarian Newsletter
1901: Count Tolstoy in Thought and Action — Robert Edward Crozier Long
1902: Prophets of the Century: Leo Tolstoy — John C. Kenworthy
1903: Biography of Leo Tolstoy — Robert Nisbet Bain
1910: Tolstoy Is Dead; Long Fight Over — The New York Times
1911: Tolstoy, Leo — Encyclopedia Britannica
1911: Essays on Russian Novelists: Tolstoy — William Lyon Phelps
1918: The Revivalism of Leo Tolstoy — Otto Heller
1922: Tolstoy's Newly Published Diary and Letters — T. R. Ybarra
1941: Tolstoy and Shakespeare — George Orwell
1994: UNESCO biography of Tolstoy — UNESCO
[Thanks to Andy Carloff.]


12 August, 2021: Added to the Edgar Hardcastle Internet Archive :

The Materialist Conception of History September 1940
Trade relations after the War February 1942
Are the Workers better off during the War? March 1942
The future of Sir Stafford Cripps March 1942
Post War Trade April 1942
Population and Social Progress June 1942
A Challenge to Mr. Bevin on Post-War Reconstruction August 1942>
China takes up the White Man's Burden November 1942>
Some Socialist points on the Beveridge Report December 1942
Where Reformism fails March 1943
No unemployment after the end of the War? April 1943
A Critic of Marx's Economic Theories December 1943
Divide and Rule. Idiotic Squabbles of British and American Miners' Leaders, September 1944
[Thanks to Adam Buick]


11 August 2021: Added to the William Paul Archive:

British Honours (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Karl Radek:

Mussolini’s campaign against the Italian Communists (1923)
To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the ECCI, with Trotzky, Bukharin, Gramsci et al.) (1923)
Soviet Russia and the German Proletariat (1923)
Lenin (On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the C.P.R.) (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the M.N. Roy Archive:

Open Letter (1923)
The Lausanne Conference (1923)
Indian National Congress (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Leon Trotsky Archive:

To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the E.C.C.I., with Radek, Bukharin, Kuusinen, Gramsci et al.)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman & the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Eugen Varga Archive:

Report on the Agrarian Question (1923)
The World Economic Situation in the Fourth Quarter of 1922 (series) (1923)
Ruhr occupation – German and French economics (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Clara Zetkin Archive:

March 8 – The International Communist Women’s Day, 1923 (1923)
Fight Fascism! (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Grigori Zinoviev Archive:

The E.C.C.I. and the R.I.L.U. to the Workers of the World (on behalf of ECCI & RILU) (1923)
A letter from Bukharin and Zinoviev to Jousselin, judge of the French Court of Inquiry (letter, with Bukharin) (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Georgi Dimitrov Archive:

The Revolutionary Trade Union Movement in the Balkans (1923)
The Trade Union Movement in Bulgaria (1923)
[Digitised from International Press Correspondence. Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]

11 August 2021: Added to the Maxim Gorky Archive:

To all who have Children or who love Children! (appeal) (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Antonio Gramsci Archive:

To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the ECCI, with Trotzky, Radek, Bukharin et al.) (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the new Fritz Heckert Archive:

The Lessons of the Last Miners’ Strike (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Otto Kuusinen Archive:

To Comrades Cachin, Monmousseou, Treint, Semard, Jacob et al. (on behalf of the ECCI, with Trotzky, Radek, Bukharin et al.) (3)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Aleksandr Lozovsky Archive:

Frossard in the footsteps of Levi (1923)
To the Workers of all Countries! (on behalf of Presidium of Russian Trade Unions) (1923)
Lausanne and the Ruhr (1923)
Speech at Frankfort Conference (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Heinz Neumann Archive:

Belgian Social Democrats Support Occupation of the Ruhr Valley (1923)
Italian Fascisti in Germany (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the new J.T. Walton Newbold Archive:

The British Government and the League of Nations (1923)
Open Letter to the London and Vienna Internationals and the Amsterdam Trade Union International (with Fritz Heckert, Karl Radek & Clara Zetkin) (1923)
Britain – France – Belgium (1923)
Paris – London via Ruhr (1923)
Speech at the Frankfort Conference (1923)
The Anglo-American Alliance (1923)
Speech at the Frankfort Conference – II (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Andrés Nin Archive:

The Victims of the bourgeois Repression in Spain (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman & the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL) periodical section are the following US and UK based Anti-Revisionist periodicals from the 1960s and 1970s:

Class War (US, 1973-1974)
Communist (US, 1976-1978)
Great Lakes Steel Tribune (1975-1976)
Heartbeat (1975-1976)
Inner-City Voice (1967-1970)
Palante (1970-1976)
Siege (1971-1972)
Class Against Class (UK, 1973-1974)
Class Struggle (UK, 1976-1977, CFB)
Class Struggle (UK, 1977-1992, RCLB)
Conquer the World (UK, 1988-1992)
Finsbury Communist (1980-1995)
Interim Journal (UK, 1981)
International Review (UK, 1987-1996)
Marxist (UK, 1966-1994)
Red Front (UK, 1968-1972)
Scottish Vanguard (1967-1975)
Vanguard (UK, 1964-1967)
Worker (UK, 1969-1989)
Class Struggle (Norway, 1976-1985)
[Thanks to Paul Saba]


11 August 2021: Added to the Tom Bell Archive:

Divided Council in Ranks of British Labor Party (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Nicolai Bukharin Archive:

A letter from Bukharin and Zinoviev to Jousselin, judge of the French Court of Inquiry (letter, with Zinoviev) (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the Heinrich Brandler Archive:

The Frankfort Conference (1923)
The situation in Germany (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


11 August 2021: Added to the new Georgi Chicherin Archive:

Five Years of Red Diplomacy (1923)
The International Situation (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


10 August 2021: Added to the new Paul Fröich Archive:

German Heavy Industry and its “Vaterland” (1923)
40% or 60% – That is the Question (1923)
The Ruhr War and the German Communists (1923)
What the revolution cost us (1923)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, Marty Goodman and the Riazanov Library]


6 August 2021: Added to the Spanish-language Alexandra Kollontai archive:

Recopilación de materiales de Alejandra Kollontai (escritos, resoluciones, discursos, artículos, obras, correspondencia)
[Thanks to Edicions Internacionals Sedov]


4 August, 2021: Added to the Edgar Hardcastle Internet Archive:

The Communist Yes—No—Yes Policy on Colonial Peoples, November 1939
More About the People's Convention, March 1941
Quick Changes by the Communist Party, July 1941
Communists support for Conservative candidates
Communist Arguments for Lifting the Ban on the "Daily Worker", February 1942
Death of the People's Convention, February 1942
The Communists and Mr. Churchill, March 1942
[Thanks to Adam Buick]


3 August 2021: Added to the Swedish Leon Trotsky Internet Archive:

The Soviet Economy in Danger (October 1932)
[Thanks to Martin Fahlgren]


2 August 2021: Added to the Chris Harman Archive:

1968–1998: The Dynamics of Struggle (1998) (interview)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan & the International Socialist Review Archive]


2 August 2021:Added to the Portuguese C.L.R. James Archive:

Notas preliminares sobre a Quest?o Negra, 1939
[Thanks to Jorge Fonseca de Almeida and Fernando Araújo]


2 August 2021: Added to the Portuguese Gramsci Archive:

Revolucionários e elei??es, 1919
[Thanks to Elita de Medeiros and Fernando Araujo]


2 August 2021: Added to the new International Socialist Review (ISO) Archive:

Editorial: Arming a new generation of Marxists (1997)
Editorial: Zaire: A U.S.-made dictator falls (1997)
Editorial: A step backward for abortion rights (1997)
Edtorial: Clinton – Bipartisan president (1997)
Ahmed Shawki: China – From Mao to Deng (1997)
Lee Sustar: A New labor Movement? (1997)
Tony Cliff: 50 Years of the International Socialist Tradition (1997)
Paul D’Amato: The Communist Party and Black Liberation in the 1930s (1997)
Editorial: The return of the two-sided class war (1997)
Editorial: A new mood of resistance (1997)
Editorial: Israel’s Reign of Terror (1997)
Joel Geier & Ahmed Shawki: Contradictions of the Miracle Economy (1997)
Katherine Dwyer : The Resistible Rise of Jean-Marie Le Pen (1997)
Leon Trotsky: Selections of his writings on fascism (1930s)
Ahmed Shawki: China – Deng’s Legacy (1997)
Sharon Smith: Engels and the Origin of Women’s Oppression, by (1997)
Ahmed Shawki: 80 Years Since the Russian Revolution (1997)
Chris Harman: Kronstadt and the Defeat of the Russian Revolution (1971)
Marlene Martin: The Politics of the Death Penalty (1997)
Hector Reyes: Puerto Rico – The Last Colony (1997)
Notes of the Quarter: Asia – Has the crisis passed? (1998)
Notes of the Quarter: Republicans in a Box (1998)
Notes of the Quarter: The Employers Strike Back (1998)
Notes of the Quarter: France – Deals with the Devil (1998)
Lance Selfa: Zionism – False Messiah (1998)
Lance Selfa: Israel – The Watchdog State (1998)
Paul D’Amato & Lance Selfa. U.S. and Iraq – Back from the Brink? (1998)
Duncan Hallas: What is Economism? (1973)
Katherine Dwyer: Legal but inaccessible (book review) (1998)
Anthony Arnove: Hitler’s willing resisters (book review) (1998)
Joe Allen: Return to The Jungle,( bookreview) (1998)
Paul D’Amato: By right of discovery (book review) (1998)
Lance Selfa: Eavesdropping on the faculty party (book review) (1998)
Lee Sustar: Inside the pressure cooker (book review) (1998)
Anthony Arnove: Taking stock of their greed (book review) (1998)
Leighton Christiansen: Why tigers fall (book review) (1998)
Anthony Arnove: Indonesia – Crisis and Revolt (1998)
Phil Gasper: A Manifesto for Today (1998)
Sharon Smith: Whatever Happened to Feminism? (2015)
Tony Cliff: Lenin and the Revolutionary Party (1973)
[Thanks to Einde O’Callaghan, & International Socialist Review Archive]


2 August 2021: Added to the Grigori Zinovjev Archive:

Sosialipetturuuden syyt, 1917
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Finnish Communists' Serial Publications Archive:

Ty?lakien kokoelma, 1919
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Eetu Salin Archive:

Verot vallankumouksen vaikuttimina, 1914
[Thanks to Ty?v?enliikkeen kirjasto & Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Osip Pjatnitski Archive:

Kapitalististen maiden kommunististen puolueiden bolshevisoiminen ja joukkojen valtaaminen, 1932
[Thanks to Ty?v?enliikkeen kirjasto & Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Periodicals Archive:

S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1907 sis?llysluettelo, 1907
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1908 sis?llysluettelo, 1908
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1909 sis?llysluettelo, 1909
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1910 sis?llysluettelo, 1910
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1911 sis?llysluettelo, 1911
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1912 sis?llysluettelo, 1912
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1913 sis?llysluettelo, 1913
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1914 sis?llysluettelo, 1914
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1915 sis?llysluettelo, 1915
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1916 sis?llysluettelo, 1916
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1917 sis?llysluettelo, 1917
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1918 sis?llysluettelo, 1918
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1919 sis?llysluettelo, 1919
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1920 sis?llysluettelo, 1920
S?keni?-lehden vuosikerran 1921 sis?llysluettelo, 1921
[Thanks to Kansalliskirjasto & Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Tuure Lehén Archive:

Punaisten ja valkoisten sota, 1967
[Thanks to Joonas Laine]


2 August 2021: Added to the Irish Marxist Review Archive:

James O’Toole: Socialists and Left Government (2015)
Nikos Lountos: Understanding the Greek Communists (2015)
Becca Bor: Race and Class in Obama’s U.S. (2015)
Paul O’Brien: Primitive Communism and the Blasket Islands (2015)
James Granell: The Revolutionary Ideas of Oscar Wilde (2015)
Tina MacVeigh: Neoliberal Urban Policy and the Transformation of the City: Reshaping Dublin (book review) (2015)
Hazel Norton: A Rebel’s Guide to Eleanor Marx (book review) (2015)
Sinéad Kennedy: PRO Reclaiming Abortion (book review) (2015)
Freddie Trevaskis Hoskin: Revolution (book review) (2015)
John Molyneux: Contributors (2015)
John Molyneux: Editorial (2015)
Andrew McLaren: The Housing Question revisited ... yet again (2015)
John Molyneux : Lessons from the Egyptian Revolution (2015)
James O’Toole: Lenin’s What is to be Done? – a defence (2015)
Maeve McGrath: Ireland – the best small country in the world to exploit workers? (2015)
Ruairi Gallagher Irish Partisans: Rapparees of the Williamite Wars, 1689–1691 (2015)
Memet Uludag : Happy Ramadan! (2015)
Lily Murphy: Engels visits Ireland (2015)
Brian O’Boyle: European Monetary Union – A Rod for the Backs of Working People (interview) (2015)
Madeleine Johansson:The Dialectic of Sex (book review) (2015)
Becca Bor: Language and Neoliberalism (book review) (2015)
Paul O’Brien: Captain Jack White – Imperialism, Anarchism and the Irish Citizen Army (book review) (2015)
John Molyneux: Contributors (2015)
John Molyneux: Editorial (2015)
Kieran Allen: The 1916 Rising – Myth and Reality (2015)
Conor Kostick: The Irish Working Class and the War of Independence (2015)
Mary Smith: Women in the Irish Revolution (2015)
Dave Sherry: Ireland and Scotland in the First World War: from the Dublin Rising to Red Clydeside (2015)
V.I. Lenin: Lenin on 1916 (1916)
Fergal McCluskey & Brian Kelly: A ‘Carnival of Reaction’ – Partition and the Defeat of Ireland’s Revolutionary Wave (2015)
Ruairi Gallagher: Irish Partisans – Rapparees of the Williamite Wars, 1689–1691 (2015)
Memet Uludag: The Roots of the Refugee Crisis (2015)
Andrew MacLaren: Deepening Neoliberalism, Austerity and Crisis: Europe’s Treasure Ireland (book review) (2015)
Dave O’Farrell: PostCapitalism – A Guide to Our Future (book review) (2015)
John Molyneux: Contributors (2015)
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2 August 2021: Added to the new Rayner Lysaght Archive:

The Unorthodoxy of James Connolly (1970)
Connolly, Syndicalism & Irish Labour" (1971)
The Story of the Limerick Soviet, April 1919 (pamphlet) (1979)
The survival of the Irish national question (1990)
Matt Merrigan – a Political Assessment (2000)
Rayner Lysaght has passed away, from Tomás Ó Flatharta Blog (2021)
Obituary: Comrade Rayner Lysaght 1941–2021, from the Sráid Marx Blog (2021)
Rayner Lysaght – Leading activist and historian in the labour movement and a hugely influential figure in Ireland’s left-wing political sphere, by Deaglán de Bréadún, Sunday Independent (2021)
Obituary of Rayner Lysaght, by Brenda Brewer, Catholic Record Society Website (2021)
Rayner Lysaght, 1941–2021, by Sean Matgamna, Workers Liberty Website (2021)
[Thanks to numerous friends of Rayner Lysaght, the Arguments for a Workers’ Republic website & Einde O’Callaghan]


1 August 2021: Added to the Franz Mehring Archive:

Manifesto of Editors and Publishers of the "Internationale", 1915
Letter to Comrade Bohn, 1915
[Thanks to Zdravko Saveski]


1 August 2021: Added to the Portuguese Miguel Urbano Rodrigues Archive:

Novo desafio cubano: O aperfei?oamento empresarial — a Revolu??o está dentro de nós, 2001
Revolucionários, rebeldes e falsos renovadores, 2002
O Regresso de Bolívar, 2002
Os intelectuais de esquerda na batalha da comunica??o, 2002
Do genocídio fascista israelense à heróica saga palestina, 2002
Jo?o Amazonas, um revolucionário irrepetível, 2002
México: A maré da indigna??o numa sociedade caótica, 2002
Sobre a actualidade e necessidade do partido revolucionário, 2002
Li??es da insurrei??o popular, 2002
Girardi, um teólogo italiano reflecte sobre a Revolu??o Cubana, 2002
As FARC-EP combatem pela humanidade, 2002
Col?mbia, o Vietname anterior à escalada, 2002
Col?mbia: O folhetim da extradi??o e a tríade Bush-Uribe-Casta?o, 2002
Interven??o em Floren?a, no Fórum Social Europeu, 2002
A praxis da "empatia filosófica" entre Uribe e Bush, 2002
O vulc?o venezuelano, 2002
Vasco Gon?alves — O general do povo que fez história, 2003
Comunica??o a ser apresentada ao Fórum Social Mundial 2003 no painel "Militariza??o, terrorismo e media" do seminário internacional "O novo Brasil no contexto mundial", 2003
John Holloway e o grito do anarquismo n?o consciencializado, 2003
A humanidade contra o IV Reich, 2003
O governo Lula no fio da navalha, 2003
A Col?mbia amea?ada de vietnamiza??o pelo delírio bushiano, 2003
O assalto à raz?o no desafio à humanidade, 2003
Estamos todos nas trincheiras de Bagdad, 2003
O povo do Iraque, herói colectivo, bate-se pela humanidade, 2003
O terrorismo neofascista dos EUA exige uma resposta global dos povos, 2003
O homem contra a máquina na Mesopotamia milenária, 2003
A inaceitável campanha contra os julgamentos de Cuba, 2003
O IV Reich-USA n?o passará!, 2003
A luta contra o neofascismo tende a assumir dimens?o planetária, 2003
Aquilo que eles n?o perdoam a Cuba, 2003
Galeano: A coerência e a incoerência, 2003
Uma derrota sem data espera os EUA no Iraque, 2003
Sobre a ascens?o do fascismo nos Estados Unidos, 2003
Uma festa revolucionária nos 39 anos das FARC, 2003
Sobre a dívida externa como instrumento de domina??o, 2003
Da guerra real no Iraque à guerra de divers?o de Bush & Blair, 2003
O Camale?o Elizardo, 2003
Um novo Chile recupera a memória, 2003
A trinta anos do 11 de setembro chileno, 2003
Reflex?o sobre as duas derrotas de Uribe, 2003
As duas Bolívias em confronta??o, 2003
Compreender para avan?ar - Os povos do Iraque, do Afeganist?o e da Palestina na vanguarda da luta, 2003
Portugal, a América Latina e o saudosismo imperial da direita espanhola, 2003
De Lucio, o traidor, a Simón, o herói, 2004
O sonho da fraternidade na Argélia de Henri Alleg, 2004
O III Encontro em Havana: Mobilizar a América contra a ALCA é uma exigência da história, 2004
Uma semana na Venezuela bolivariana, 2004
O desencanto e a esperan?a, 2004
A tortura e a mentira no neonazismo do US Army, 2004
Espectáculo kafkiano no Congresso da Col?mbia, 2004
Globalizar a luta numa era de viragem, 2004
álvaro Cunhal, um grande da História, 2004
Ricardo, estamos contigo!, 2004
Esquerdas e esquerdismo, um livro de Octavio Rodriguez de Araujo [Prefácio], 2004
As FARC resistem bem a uma ambiciosa ofensiva que visa a sua destrui??o, 2004
Mário Soares & Sampaio — as máscaras na pequena política, 2005
Carta aberta de intelectuais à opini?o pública internacional, 2005
Reflex?o sobre as elei??es portuguesas, 2005
A venda de um novo Bush — opera??o de marketing, 2005
Do final da II Guerra à crise de civiliza??o, 2005
Li??es para Portugal do 'n?o' em Fran?a e na Holanda, 2005
Recordando álvaro Cunhal, 2005
Recordando Vasco Gon?alves, 2005
Prefácio à edi??o portuguesa de "Bolívar e a campanha da Venezuela", 2005
A op??o do Partido Comunista do Chile nas últimas elei??es presidenciais, 2005
Da globaliza??o da luta à necessidade de um novo internacionalismo, 2005
Carta a Oliverio, o padre das FARC, 2005
Schafik Handal — um revolucionário exemplar, 2006
As muitas incógnitas da elei??o peruana, 2006
Jean Salem e a memória histórica, 2007
200 000 arrancam a máscara ao governo de Sócrates, 2007
Breve reflex?o sobre Portugal perante os desafios da crise, 2008
Com a crise, lutas sociais tendem a se intensificar [Entrevista a Nilton Viana] , 2008
Apontamentos sobre Trotsky — O mito e a realidade, 2008
Georges Labica – Um humanista revolucionário que amava a palavra, o pensamento e a vida, 2009
Stalin, História e crítica de uma lenda negra – Um livro de Domenico Losurdo, 2009
Elei??es e participa??o na luta dos povos, 2009
A solidariedade com o povo da Col?mbia é uma exigência da história, 2009
Obama em Oslo: O discurso da hipocrisia imperial, 2009
A politica da administra??o Obama amea?a a humanidade, 2010
A cultura integrada de Georges Labica, 2010
Sócrates, até quando?, 2010
Para onde vai a Argélia?, 2010
O povo da Grécia luta pela Humanidade, 2010
Crise, luta e esperan?a, 2010
Em defesa das FARC, 2010
O governo do PS participa activamente em guerras coloniais, 2010
Um revolucionário assassinado, 2010
Istambul, o tempo parado e o tempo em movimento, 2011
Elei??es e ruptura, 2011
Líbia: O que os media escondem, 2011
A Contra-Cultura na crise de Civiliza??o, 2011
O lento despertar do povo marroquino, 2011
EUA e aliados cometem crimes monstruosos na Líbia, 2011
Portugal, espelho do funcionamento da engrenagem capitalista, 2011
Domenico Losurdo, revolucionário e marxista criador, 2011
O mundo à beira do caos, 2011
O terrorismo de estado americano amea?a a humanidade e impede a paz, 2011
O Povo da Grécia luta pela constru??o do futuro, 2011
Os protestos de Wall Street e as lutas em Portugal, 2011
Khadafi morreu combatendo com dignidade e coerência, 2011
Alfonso Cano, Herói da Col?mbia, 2011
Os EUA a caminho de um estado totalitário e militar, 2012
Alexandr Yakovlev e o anti-comunismo cavernícola, 2012
A desmontagem da "Democracia Representativa" – novo livro de Jean Salem, 2012
FARC – A luta continua, 2012
Da utopia à revolta, da indigna??o à revolu??o, 2012
Brasil redescoberto, 2012
Sobre os 90 anos do Partido Comunista Brasileiro, 2012
Entrevista ao Diário Liberdade, 2012
Actualidade de Marx num mundo caótico à beira da barbárie, 2012
FARC: 48 anos de luta revolucionária, 2012
Desmontar a mentira para combater a aliena??o e dinamizar a luta, 2012
As rupturas revolucionárias n?o s?o pré-datadas, 2012
A esperan?a n?o morre, 2012
A situa??o na Col?mbia e o projecto das FARC-EP, 2012
A linguagem da verdade na luta de massas, 2012
A indigna??o popular e o coro do medo, 2012
Os Bolcheviques e a Revolu??o de Outubro, 2012
Luiz Carlos Prestes, num livro de Anita Leocádia Prestes, 2012
As FARC-EP lutam pela Paz, o governo simula negociar, 2012
O Povo Grego caluniado, 2012
Portugal 2013, 2013
As FARC-EP em Havana: A verdade e a mentira sobre uma guerrilha heróica, 2013
Por que lutavam eles na defesa de Madrid em 1936?, 2013
As ideias transformam-se em for?as quando as massas as assumem, 2013
O terrorismo de estado da administra??o Obama, 2013
Portugal 2013, o direito à rebeli?o, 2013
As FARC-EP, meio século de luta pela paz, 2013
Henri Alleg (1921-2013) Um Comunista e Revolucionário exemplar, 2013
A CIA e a guerra fria cultural, 2013
Passos–Portas & companhia – um governo Kafkiano, 2013
Col?mbia: Estagna??o nas conversa??es de Havana, 2013
Passos Coelho: da ambi??o de poder à voca??o para a ditadura, 2013
Passos Coelho, personagem das contra-utopias, 2013
Hobsbawm, o Marxismo e os intelectuais, 2013
O oportunismo na estrada do comunismo, 2013
Sintomas de viragem, 2013
Colaboracionismo e trai??o, 2013
A fuga de Peniche no centenário de álvaro Cunhal, 2014
Vésperas de ditaduras do capital?, 2014
Capucho e o concerto da direita, 2014
Destruir a Revolu??o Bolivariana, objectivo do imperialismo, 2014
Sobre a constru??o do Partido Comunista do Vietnam, 2014
O 25 de Abril e o direito à rebeli?o, 2014
O discurso insano, 2014
Joaquín Becerra e o neofascismo colombiano, 2014
EUA: um estado terrorista inimigo da humanidade, 2014
Lenin e o revisionismo, 2014
Reencontro com o Brasil, 2014
Um Zoo humano de inimigos do povo, 2014
Da leitura de Bernstein e Kautsky à teoria e prática Marxistas de Lenine, 2015
Colombo, um D. Quixote que chegou à América desafiando a Geografia e a História, 2015
O ódio aos russos do fascismo ucraniano, 2015
O Trotsky de Padura, Danton e a Revolu??o, 2015
A Grécia Revisitada – I: O SYRIZA sem máscara, 2015
Atenas Revisitada – II: Grécia mártir, heroica, humanizada, 2015
Grécia revisitada – Conclus?o: Um grande Povo e a sua grande heran?a, 2015
A crise grega demonstra que a alternativa ao sistema capitalista passa pela Revolu??o, 2015
Reflex?o sobre as elei??es, 2015
O jogo da hipocrisia num sistema institucional apodrecido, 2015
A recupera??o da memória na luta dos Povos, 2015
A contra utopia de Huxley e o seu pessimismo, 2016
Apontamento sobre a metamorfose de Pacheco Pereira, 2016
Lenine e o imperialismo, 2016
Hillary Clinton, a rainha do caos – um livro de Diana Johnstone, 2016
Do cessar-fogo na Col?mbia à paz, desejada mas muito distante, 2016
América Latina, da fic??o à realidade, 2016
Uma guerra esquecida – A derrota dos EUA no Laos, 2016
Humboldt e o descobrimento da natureza, 2016
Que futuro para as FARC?, 2016
Reflex?o sobre histórias polémicas do PCUS, da Revolu??o de Outubro e da URSS, 2016
Daniel Ortega traiu a Revolu??o sandinista, 2016
Fidel, um Aquiles comunista, 2016
Os povos da ex-URSS, 2016
Losurdo e a atualidade da luta de classes, 2017
Orhan Pamuk e as duas Turquias, 2017
álvaro Lins, 2017
A guerra afeg? forjada por Svetlana Alexievich, 2017
Seara de ódio num campo de incógnitas
Os herdeiros do austro-marxismo na batalha ideológica
O óbvio difícil: Tornar transparente a amea?a à humanidade
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